Corsage with dark black ornaments Gr. XL

Item #: GO 1622XL3

Corsage with dark black ornaments

Noble Gothic Underbust Corset with ornaments in dark

To bring your personal style to express yourself and stand out from the everyday fashion is the dark red Underbust Corset ideal.They can easily be combined to different outfits and styles.Whether Gothic, Steampunk or just over a blouse that Underbust Corset with their ornaments may be missing in any wardrobe.

The corsage is made of black and red satin.About the red satin ornament pattern is worked in black lace and gives the Unterbrustcorsage that certain something.Small silver clip buckles are attached to close.The lacing is located behind and is reinforced with silver eyelets.More Corsets, check out our online shop such.B.our Corset Candy bordeaux and Burleska Breast Corsage ,
  • Scope of supply: 1x corsage dark red with black ornaments
  • Color: black red
  • Material outside: 100% Polyester
  • Material inside: 100% Cotton
  • Dry cleaning