Punk Sweater Red Black One Size

Item #: 660216

Punk Sweater Red Black One Size

Cool Crochet sweater in punk look as casual summer outfit!

The red-black cardigan is an absolute must-have for each punk outfit and also in the Gothic and Emo scene a popular clothing item.The cool punk sweater is an ideal summer outfit and gave you a unique DIY look.

The cardigan impress above all with the generous and uneven crochet pattern, since it thereby receives its exceptional character.The red and black color scheme of punk sweaters is typical of the punk scene and is enhanced by various accessories, such as sewn on patches, zippers, chains and safety pins again.At the cardigan are also pockets and a zipper, for simplified donning and doffing, attached.

You can combine the cardigan with the Leather hotpants black and the Inamagura Gothic Platform Boots .

When tightening the Häkeljacke caution is required, since one can easily verhäkeln in the large mesh itself.

Size: One Size = aroundGr.34-38

Material: 45% mohair, 55% acrylic