Rockabilly Lacktasche

Item #: 660192

Rockabilly Lacktasche

Cool Hand of the Czech Too Fast for real Rockabellas!

This patent leather bag is a real eye-catcher and a very special accessory.The handbag shows Rockabilly zombies and bats and is also staffed with pyramid studs.The unusual design of Too Fast stretches over the whole paint handbag that is a must on no Rockabella and funk up any outfit!

A patent leather bag is already a special accessory.But these Rockabilly bag is much more! It shows both sides of a black and white motif with rockabilly zombies, a graveyard and bats.Also on the straps, the sides and in the bottom corners of the bag it is decorated with bright green bats.Green paint on the hem, the equally green zipper at the top and pyramid studs make the look perfect.The patent leather bag offers plenty of storage space, because the inside is still a separate bag that is provided with its own zipper, so you do your make up like the Eyeliner Extensions Eye Tattoo Classic Style stowed safely can.The peculiarity of Too Fast pockets are full of details, in this case it is the printed with bats lining.Due to there are hot Monster High Heels Which complement each Rockabella outfit together with the bag.

Information on the patent leather bag:

- Beiseitiges black-and-white motif
- Green bats
- Green decorative border
- Green zipper
- Pyramid studs
- Inside zip pocket, about20 cm wide
- Interior lining with bat-Print
- Material: PVC
- Lining: polyester
- Dimensions: approx33 x 22 x 12 cm