Luv Bunny Earmuffs Black Red

Item #: 660048

 Luv Bunny Earmuffs Black Red

Great earmuffs by Poizen Industries to protect you from the cold!

These cute rabbit ears made of plush are the perfect accessory for goths and emos. They will keep your ears warm even when it's icy cold outside and they will make you look absolutely sweet!

The black and red Luv Bunny Earmuffs are the right headwear for cold winter days and they even look mega stylish and cute. The gohtic earmuffs cover your ears with a bunny rabbit head with long rabbit ears, all made of black and red plush. The rabbit heads of the Luv Bunny Earmuffs are approx. 12 cm wide and 7 cm long each. The rabbit ears are 9 cm long and hang down like lop ears. The X eyes add the charcteristic evil bunny look to the Luv Bunny Earmuffs Black Red.

Match these plush earmuffs with our Flocked Plaid Coat S or, if you prefer cats to rabbits, check out our Earmuffs Kitty Black Red !

Material: 100 % polyester