Gothic black stockings with lace

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Gothic black stockings with lace

Playful knee socks in the Lolita style of Punk Rave!

Our Gothic stockings are black knee socks Lolita look.The lacing and Spitzenbesätze leave the socks act playful and make this ideal for Gothic Dresses.But also to cosplay outfits fit the stockings with lace wonderful.The cotton stockings look very elegant due to the many details and are set mainly by pumps in the limelight.

This Gothic stockings are black cotton socks that go up to the knee.But not only the pleasant wearing comfort, especially the ornaments make these stockings for very special footwear.In addition to the lacing of satin ribbons which is on the side, you will find elegant ruffle of black lace and a lace hem.Our Mary Janes Pumps Black Size 40/42 bring the Gothic stockings in the right light, so that your legs are optimally stressed.Our Romantic Dress with Bolero Top fits well with the playful embellishments, because peak and Gothic details make a Gothic Lolita outfit.

Information about Gothic Socks:

- Size: One Size
- Total Length: approx50 cm
- Color: black
- Side lacings
- Ruffles of lace
- Material Socks: cotton and elasthan
- Material lace and lacing: Polyester