Sexy Musketeer Costume Premium Burgundy Gr. M

Item #: 15988 M

Sexy Musketeer Costume Premium Burgundy Gr.M

The sword-wielding female sexy Musketeer do not only with the weapon deal, their appearance is also very disarming.The beautiful red / gold brocade corset with white ruffled fabric at the neckline and a white collar, separate white sleeves and burgundy mini skirt make the costume to an absolute eye-catcher.Course is included also the matching velvet hat with white tips.

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: M

Historicizing costumes in premium quality as the or transform you quickly into another person.

The costumes from the Premium Collection are characterized by a high-quality processing from.The fabrics used are valent and harder, there are materials such as Rayon , Velvet, Brocade , Chiffon, Tricot fabric and tip for use are the partially rich embroidered and decorated with beautiful decorative borders and they are usually sealed with real zippers or buttons.