Queen Ravenna Deluxe Costume

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Ladies size
  • S German size 36 
  • M German size 38 
  • L German size 40 

Queen Ravenna Deluxe Costume

Transform yourself with the Snow White fairy costume in the evil queen

A cold breath moves through the bedchamber, as you have your sumptuous Queen Ravenna überstreifst costume and the wonderful crown set upon your head.You know that you are beautiful at this moment and ask the crucial question: "Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all"
But the answer not at all like you and you want only one - revenge.Because you are not only the powerful ruler of the Dark Tabor, but also the fairest in the land.The mirror is lying, and you know at this moment only one goal - the death of your stepdaughter Snow White.You uses your powerful magic to kill them and go as the winner of this battle.Will you win it?

Beguiling beautiful and icy cold - the Queen Ravenna costume from our shop You change yourself to gloomy Evil Queen from the movie "Snow White and the Huntsman".The emphasized waist, swinging skirt and the wide trumpet sleeves make the Queen Ravenna costume a dream in black.Skull Buttons and fairytale brocade inserts are gorgeous details that round out your appearance as a cold-blooded Queen Ravenna perfectly.If you are not enough long dress and the magnificent crown alone, be sure to check you order in our online shop.With us you can find next to the Queen Ravenna costume devilish accessories that you make as the center of each horror party - whether on Halloween or carnival.

The original licensed Queen Ravenna Deluxe costume includes a decorated with skulls dress and a black crown.The noble Queen look will draw on the next Halloween party looks at you.Passing on the subject, we also have the Sexy Snow White Costume. S 36/38 and the Manga Snow White Wig Releases.

  • Delivery: 1 Queen Ravenna Deluxe Costume consisting of dress and crown
  • Color: black-and-white
  • sizes: S, M
  • Material: 100% Polyester
    Size: S enstpricht ca.36 M corresponds to ca.38
    Chest: approx. 78 cm approx. 88 cm
    Waist size: approx. 66 cm approx. 78 cm
    Hips: approx. 82 cm approx. 100 cm
    Sleeve Length: approx. 58 cm approx. 58 cm
    Total length costume: approx. 137 cm approx. 142 cm