Sesame Street Ernie Costume XL

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Sesame Street Ernie Costume XL

The Sesame Street made in the 70s for excitement and protests!

The Sesame Street was one of the most successful children's programs on American television and was under protest of the Bavarian Rundfunk (who else probably?) Aired in Germany 1973rdThe mission was the 3 beginning.banished channels and had to fight so practically only the space in the main program of the provider.One of the few main characters, who could count on the favor of conservative politicians were Bert and Ernie.The character of Ernie was more like the taste of the Bavarian backwoods and guardians of virtue.In the German translation Ernie was more the rascal who repeatedly concocted jokes and had a rather naive mind.His favorite pastime is baseball, what you quickly renamed in Germany in Rounders and his yellow rubber ducks.Ernie and Bert conquered the children's room by storm and are still one of the most popular comic puppets in German nursery.

The carnival costume Ernie consists of the typical for him big, round, orange with black head Schopf, the colorful striped shirt and his blue trousers.Ingenious carnival costume that with the other residents of Sesame Street like his friend Sesame Street Ernie mask . Kermit the Frog Costume and Sesame Street Oscar Costume M will cause a stir!

  • Size: 52-56 X-Large
  • Material: 100% Polyester