Scorn Cenobite Costume

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Scorn Cenobite Costume

The officially licensed Hellraiser outfit for horror fans

Clive Barker's horror film "Hellraiser" has a a lot of fans. The gloomy atmosphere of the film, its amazing soundtrack, the harcore splatter effects and, last but not least, the creepy characters are highly fascinating. The demon Pinhead and his horrifying Cenobites can leave hell and access the world of the living by means of a puzzle box. With our Scorn Cenobite Costume you can turn yourself into an extremely gruesome Cenobite.

The officially licensed Scorn Cenobite Costume includes the shirt, the half mask, knife and pliers. The blue/red longlsleeve shirt  with collar features an attached piece of plastic that looks as if the abdominal skin of the Cenobite had been cut open and pulled down. The included instruments of torture, a pair of pliers and a knife, can be inserted into the hanging piece of abdominal skin. The Cenobite half mask is made of latex. The torn skin, with the terrifying teeth  and black blindfold and the headpiece of different scalpels make this costume an absolutely impressive horror outfit. The mask comes with an elastic to guarantee comfortable fit. The Pinhead Hellraiser Costume S and the Hellraiser Torture Apron are cool Hellraiser outfits, too.

  • Includes: one Scorn Cenobite Costume with shirt, half mask, knife and pliers
  • Colour: blue/red/beige/black
  • Material shirt: 92% polyester, 8% elastane
  • Material half mask: latex, plastic
  • Size shirt: shoulder width approx.47 cm, waist width approx.47 cm, total length approx.72 cm