Eerie Ghost Child Costume M

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Eerie ghost Children Costume.M

Others fear teachings with the creepy costume Eerie Ghost

The Eerie ghost costume is an ingenious and Angsteinflössendes Halloween costume for children.The eerie costume a creepy specter is a terrible sight.

The kids Halloween costume consists of a black habit with hood and battered and torn sleeve hems.The costume has a matching belt and a shoulder cap is also cut frayed.The Horror Child Costume comes with the ghosts half mask made of vinyl, whose face flashes brightly at your fingertips.Ideal in order to Halloween and carnival in the dance of the spirits to enter.A Ghost Sense Economy and Skeleton gloves for children you'll find in the assortment of horror shop.

  • Delivery: black robe with hood, belt, shoulder cap, ghost mask with luminous face
  • Size: M corresponds to ca.5 - 7 years
  • Material: 100% polyester, mask: Vinyl
  • The eyes do not light up like the picture on red - instead the face flashes in light flickering