Halloween Costumes

Find your perfect Halloween costume here. Huge selection of scary and funny Halloween costumes for kids and adults. Scary masks, make up and accessories.

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Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Be Somebody Else for a Day...

The daily grind, the same old, the nice clothes and the usual routine, It is no surprise that so many people love Halloween and Carnival because these are two events in the year when it is not just encouraged, but culturally acceptable to act, dress and simply be somebody else for day! The ritual of dressing up in a Costume goes back years and years and is an integral part of Halloween and Carnival celebrations.
The good news for you is that Horror-shop.com has got you covered for your next Halloween or Carnival celebration! We have a huge selection of Halloween Costumes and Carnival Costumes for you to choose from. Halloween and Carnival are not just about dressing up in scary outfits, so don’t limit yourself to thinking about a scary fancy dress outfit! It is always great fun to dress up as a politician, a famous person or a famous character. We have Halloween Costumes for men, women, kids and plus sizes so we are confident that you will find something that will make you stand out at your next celebration and make your friends say “cool Carnival Costume”!

Halloween and Carnival Costumes for Absolutely Everyone

When we say that we have Halloween Costumes and Carnival Costumes for absolutely everyone, we mean everyone! Yep, call old ‘Spot’ or ‘Rover’ over because we have plenty of Dog Halloween Costumes to choose from! If your dog or cat is an important part of your family, then why exclude them from your next fancy dress party? If you choose the right Costume for your dog, it is guaranteed that you will be the center of attention at the party and the group’s fancy dress outfits will be complete!
These Carnival Costumes for man’s best friends are very fun and cute; this Jason Voorhees Dog Costume is guaranteed to get some laughs while still being Halloween-themed. What about taking your Superman Dog with you when you go trick-or-treating? Do you want the entire family to take part in the celebrations this year? Then don’t miss an opportunity to get a fun, funny and cute Costume for your family dog(s) and take them on the next trick-or-treat trip around the neighborhood for an unforgettable family event.

Accept No Substitutes! check out our Costumes

Do you ever wish you could jump into the screen of one of your favorite films? Then you should definitely check out our huge supply of officially licensed Halloween Costumes and Carnival Costumes. These outfits are officially licensed so you can rest assured that every last detail and nuance that will make you stand out at the next Halloween party has already been taken into account. Accept no substitutes and get your hands on an official Costume from any number of your favorite movies; from ‘Breaking Bad’ to ‘Halo’ and from ‘The Muppets’ to ‘Thor’, we have it all.
As if the film ‘Chucky’ wasn’t scary enough, this adult Chucky Horror Costume will bring people back to 1988 when a real-life and adult-size Chucky jumps out at them! Do you love Tim Burton’s twisted and incredible take on a world that is perpetually Halloween? With the official Corpse Bride Emily mask you can impress your friends with these authentic Costumes from your favorite movies.
Our aim at Horror-shop.com is to ensure that you have the most unforgettable and memorable Halloween, Carnival or fancy dress party imaginable. Do you want your friends to shudder or laugh? Smile or hide? It’s all about diversity, and our selection of fancy dress outfits is as diverse as it gets.
Do you want something for just the guys or just the girls? An adult or kid’s outfit, or pet fancy dress? Then don’t hesitate to look through all our categories to find the right get up for everyone! We also have dedicated sections devoted to Halloween capes and Halloween petticoats for easy additions to your fancy dress that you could even wear for other events! Not sure where to start? Use your imagination! The options are limitless; we would love to give you more ideas, but there are just too many Halloween Costumes and Carnival Costumes to choose from, so get browsing!
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