Velvet Satin Cape Deluxe violet

Item #: 15966

Velvet Satin Cape Deluxe violet

Elegant vampire cape as extravagant costume accessories

With a velvet Satin Cape Deluxe you own a fancy costume accessories for your appearance on Halloween and carnival. Mystical figures and mythical creatures wear like so many fairy-tale figure a flowing cape and thus ensure a mysterious presence. Whether you verkleidest you with the velvet satin cape as a nobleman, wizards, witch or vampire beautifully shiny satin Umhamg with hood is the perfect costume supplement.

The heavy black velvet cape with hood has a length of about 160 (measured from the shoulder), and is lined on the inside with shiny purple satin. Perfecting your appearance in the du addition to the vampire cape yet Fangs / Scarecrow Fangs or Zombie Contact Lenses White wear, thereby acting your velvet Satin Cape Deluxe even more impressive.

1 x Velvet Satin Cape Deluxe

  • Colour: Black / Purple
  • Size: One Size, length from shoulder ca. 160cm
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • high quality costume rental