Men's Bad Taste Longsleeve XL

Item #: 8801233 XL

Men's Bad Taste Longsleeve XL

Put on this party animal longsleeve and turn the nigt into day!

Bad taste parties become more and more popular! Fashion criminals dress up in tasteless clothes and meet up to turn the night into day. Commit a fashion crime in style and wear this mega cool top at the next bad taste event!

This colourful longsleeve for men is our contribution to lack of taste. With our flashy top for men you're guaranteed to attract a lot of attention at any bad taste party. It features a leather jacket style print with zebra, leopard and snake patterns. The printed belt buckle looks like a display with the word HOT written on it. Two necklaces with a brass knuckle and a lightning pendant and lots of zipper and rivet prints add the finishing touch to your party animal look. Pair your Bad Taste Longsleeve with our Aufreißer blond wig , the Hippie Peace Necklace and the Chest hair toupee blond and you will be the star of any carnival or theme party!

Additional information on the Men's Bad Taste Longsleeve XL:
  • Flashy, muliti-coloured longlsleeve for men
  • Material: 100 % polyester
  • Size
    XL: total length approx. 81 cm, shoulder width approx. 61 cm, sleeve length approx. 75 cm, waist approx. cm
Includes: 1 long-sleeved t-shirt for men