Harlequin Costume XXL

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 Harlequin Costume XXL

Clowns are buffoons who don't need to talk a lot to be funny.

The most famous living clown is probably Oleg Popov. He is one of the oldest clowns worldwide and in 2006 at 75 years of age still managed to inspire a standing ovation at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo. Oleg Popov want his audience to laugh with him, but not about him.

 A clown does not alwways have to make a fool of himself to make people laugh. A clown can be a great circus artist, well capable to fascinate his audience. Whatever his performance, a clown does need a characteristic outfit as the clown's costume is half the fun already. The Harlequin Costume XXL includes trousers, top and a matching hat. The clown trousers have an elasticated waistband for comfortable fit. The trousers feature a colourful stripes design while the top is covered in coloured squares and a few patches. It features two big white pompoms at the front and a white clown collar. The top can be tied in the neck with two strings. It has no further buttons or zippers.

The hat of the Harlequin Costume XXL matches the pattern of the top and trousers. One half features stripes, the other half squares. The hat comes with a thin black elastic already fitted for convenience so you won't lose it while making you jokes. Use our Up pencils Set 5 colors with Spitzer to do your clown makeup and get the funny Clown bald with yellow curls to add the finishing touch to your clown costume!

The Harlequin Costume XXL includes: trousers, top, hat

Material: 65% polyester
              35% cotton