Altar boy robe Premium Plus Size

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Altar boy robes Plus Size

No one has noticed how you have secretly sipped on sacramental wine, now it's time to slip into your altar boy robe

Showtime in full regalia: Light swaying and waving the censer You go with priest and chaplain direction altar, the organ drones that worship intro.Today The frankincense pure skin especially hard, you blurred the whole Church community in mind.When your application is jingle bells on, you clamp the altar falls down under great clatter and you will be really bad.

The altar as the altar boys are officially called, are the unsung heroes of the church.The altar service of
Children and adolescents has almost a thousand years of tradition.The altar boy robe one can even as an adult for
Be church hero, and get out with correspondingly holy look at any costume party the big laughs.During
the church children are dressed in cassock and surplice, the acolyte costume has the two traditional parts of the
Altar boy robe stitched together.For Kirchenornat match would be a Golden Cross on a Chain not bad.Who but rather is a part of the upper ten thousand, can also as Priest Monsignor Costume black Gr. xl , Bavarian monk XL or Cardinal Kit 3 PCS creep into the hierarchy.

  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Color : Black, White
Dimensions XL XXL
Shoulder width approx. 75 cm approx. 80 cm
Arm length approx. 48 cm approx. 48 cm
Length approx. 143 cm approx. 143 cm
Waist approx. 68 cm approx. 70 cm