Till Eulenspiegel Costume

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Till Eulenspiegel Costume

Slip into the role of the world famous prankster!

Till Eulenspiegel was an impudent jokester originating in Middle Low German folklore. The clever prankster was dressed like a fool but he was actually very smart. The colourful and loud outfit of this famous jester makes for a great carnival costume. Turn yourself into a crazy fool and make your party guests laugh!

The Till Eulenspiegel Costume includes four pieces. The trousers are yellow and green and feature an elasticated waistband for comfortable fit. The top is red with jagged hems. The yellow belt features a golden bell on each end. The colourful fool's cap with jagged collar can be easily pulled over the head.  The floppy hat features three approx. 40 cm long points which come down on the chest. The points and the jagged collar feature little bells. The joker costume is made of shiny velvety fabric. Use our Carnival Make Up Kit to do your makeup to add the finishing touch to your prankster costume!

Material: 100 % polyester