Sequin vest blue

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Sequin vest blue

Abracadabra, the magician is there

In the Chicago of the thirties alcohol is forbidden, but in the secret night clubs, the speakeasies, the prohibited substance flows thanks to Al Capone and streams.Jazz Bands heat the drinkers one, pretty showgirls throw their garter-adorned legs, and the Great Adorno, known magician and artist bag, guests amazed with his magic.Its glitter vest ensures that the audience watch him not exactly on the fingers.

The sequin vest blue matches perfectly with the costume of a stage magician, a revue dancer or just carnival ball suit.While collar and back of the vest in black, shiny fabric that comes along the front is made with dark blue sequins glittering on fabric.Two narrow black bags can also be found on the front, but you can not do too much into it.With a Classic Magician wand The inevitable Black Top Hat with Glitter plus a few White Gloves should meet a perfect magician costume.

  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Color : Blue, Black
Mass Shoulder width Waist Length
L approx. 48 cm approx. 59 cm approx. 71 cm
XL approx. 51 cm approx. 61 cm approx. 76 cm
XXL approx. 53 cm approx. 65 cm approx. 77 cm