Renaissance Marquis Costume XL

Item #: 8801189 XL

Renaissance Marquis Costume XL

Turn yourself into a noble lord!

It is so much easier to rule a country when you are well fed and well dressed. The French markgraves for instance were known to be portly men. In the late days of the baroque era not only the buildings made a great visual impact, the noblemen of the time left a lasting impression, too.

The Renaissance Marquis Costume XL is a three piece costume set.  The jacket features extravagant floral ornaments along the button tabs and gold trimmed cuffs. The cuffs match the pattern of the waistcoat front which can be fastened with a velcro closure in the neck and with a ribbon in the back. The three-quarter pants are made of soft cloth and can be gathered at the knees with a strap closure. The pants look great with a pair of white knee socks. Our  Mozart Wig with Red Bow and the Black tricorn with spring will make your nobleman look complete.

Product information:
  • Includes: jacket, pants and waistcoat
  • Material: 100 % polyester
  • Colour: black/gold
Size XL:
  • Jacket: total length: approx. 103 cm, waist: approx. 61,5 cm, hem length: approx. 49 cm, sleeve length: approx. 64 cm
  • Waistcoat: total length: approx. 83 cm, chest width: approx. 42,5 cm, belly width: approx. 70 cm, length of jabot: approx. 30 cm
  • Pants: total length: approx. 76 cm, crotch length: approx. 35 cm, waistband width: approx. 48-54 cm