Louis XIV King Costume Deluxe

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Men size
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Louis XIV King Costume Deluxe

This royal costume turns you into The Sun King of France!

This royal fancy dress costume looks like the outfit of Louis XIV so it is perfect for Halloween, Carnival, historical events and theme parties. With this royal deluxe costume set you can turn yourself into a baroque style Sun King in the blink of an eye.

The King Costume set includes the coat, kee-length pants, blue shirt with removable shabot and the sash. The coat features beautiful embroideries, trimmings and 16 gold coloured buttons. The elasticated hems of the baroque style trouser legs are adorned with a silver grey bow. The blue shirt and the blue jabot collar add a beautiful colour touch to this royal costume. The glittering jabot ties at the neck.  It is not attached to the shirt. Add the finishing touches to this baroque style King Costume with our Crown Charles and a gorgeous Walking stick with golden dragon handle .

  • Includes: King Costume Deluxe with coat, pants, shirt, jabot and sash
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Size: L