Coat of Arms Herold Medieval Costume

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Coat of Arms Herold Medieval Costume

Historical Herold costume for carnival and medieval festivals!

Our coat of arms Herald medieval costume is a burgundy-red velvet costume in the historic style.Not only to Carnival and Carnival, also at theme parties and medieval festivals you'll catch the eye with this herald costume.The multi-piece costume is very high quality and is located next to burgundy velvet by gold-colored belts and a metal emblem on the front.

Our coat of arms Herald medieval costume puts you in an instant in an earlier century.The costume set includes the coat with collar, the knee-length pants, the Herald cap and a belt.The burgundy-red velvet and gold trim trims emphasize the noble appearance of the heralds, who once served as a messenger for kings.There is a metal ornament on which a white feather is attached to the hood.The separate belt of medieval costume is decorated with white and gold colored wire.However, highlight of the costume is the jacket, also called Tappert, who is dressed like a sweater, the front of which is a gold brooch and the sleeves are padded at the shoulders.In line with our historical panel there are White Knee Bodches With Black Bow So that your lower legs are covered under the medieval pants, and a Crown Charles for your king.

Included: jacket, trousers, hat and belt

Coat: 59% polyester, 37% polyamide and 4% other
Trousers and Cap: 100% Polyester
Belt: 60% acrylic and 40% metal