Banana Costume

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Banana Costume

This funny banana ulkige gets you into a happy summer mood!

Our yellow Banana Costume is the perfect outfit for everyone who likesit fruity.  Bananas are super tasty and they are full of virtamins as well.  Turn yourself into the  sweetest temptation since the invention of fruit and into a tasty party delicacy.

Our cool Banana Costume is a sleeveless jumpsuit made of soft material. The costume can be worn over normal clothing and features a back zipper for easy on and off. This fruity fun costume is guaranteed to be the highlight of any Carnival or Halloween party! Our Full Suit Black is the perfect garment to wear under the Banana Costume.

  • Includes: Banana Costume
  • Material: 50% polyester, 50% foam rubber
Size S M L
Total length approx. 157 cm approx. 166 cm approx. 170 cm
Width approx. 62 cm approx. 68 cm approx. 75 cm
Face Hole approx. 15 cm approx. 19 cm approx. 19 cm
 Arm holes approx. 21 cm approx. 21 cm approx. 21 cm
 Leg holes approx. 42 cm approx. 43 cm approx. 48 cm