Waldmagierin Costume XL

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Waldmagierin Costume XL

Show your natural beauty

In all cultures of the world, the nature plays a big role.She turns the cycle of life and creates new wonders again and again.No matter how much man destroys his environment, she manages to heal itself again and again.Mother Nature is the goddess of the woods and watches over all the creatures of the earth.Whether good or bad, big or small, whether black or white, she loves all her children.

The Waldmagierin costume XL is an excellent crafted dress with many subtleties.The velvet fabric is draped from the neckline's an artificial wreath of leaves.The sleeves run closed away from the shoulders and divide from the half in frangible silky fabric.The abdominal area adorn silky ribbons crossing each other and thus make a corsage look.The skirt is ankle length and harmony through the fringed apron over it perfectly with the sleeve design.The absolute ITüpelchen offers the headdress consisting of a velcro strap detailed with sparkling artificial foliage.Together with the Glamour Wig Auburn and the Chain with Leaf as followers awaken the forest spirits in you.

Product Information:

  • Scope of delivery: 2-piece costume set of dress and hair band
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Colors: dark green, light green and brown


  • Total length: approx 137cm
  • Waist width: ca47cm
  • Sleeve Length: approx57cm
  • Skirt Length: approx98cm
  • Rock bottom width: approx 90cm
  • Apron Length: approx 60cm