Tanzmariechen green-white Premium

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Tanzmariechen green-white Premium

Resistance is futile

Weiberfastnacht in any city in the Rhineland: the Thursday before Mardi Gras the women let out the sow.Around noon, they gather under the leadership of the majorettes and the Möhnen before the City Council, supported by the troops of the Guard Carnival clubs with their confetti-artillery.To 1211 begins the cannonade, the town hall is shot ripe for attack.The women stormed the offices of the mayor and his staff and cut the gentlemen of the city's Ties from.As a consolation for the loss of tie there peck of majorettes.

The Tanzmariechen green-white Premium Costume consists of a green and white uniform jacket and a short skirt with sewn-in petticoat.The high-quality costume jacket has next to the green and white design from satin shiny fabric similar silver colored bands, which move in beautiful patterns at the seams along.The noble processed jacket closes with a zipper.The skirt reflects the pattern of the jacket and is bulked up with the petticoat.He is by an elastic band at the waist in the waist variable, it is sealed with a side zipper.A Deluxe Guard hat green / white , A Baroque Wig Josephine White and against the cold in February, a Shiny, opaque tights and your town hall-storming at the heavy-Thursday, no one stands in the way.

  • Scope of delivery : Jacket, skirt
  • Color : White, Green
  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Dimensions : Gr.36 Jacket: Shoulder width approx38 cm, approx Arnlänge57 cm, waist approx34 cm.Total length about57cm skirt: Waist about32 cm, length about38 cm