Sexy Chambermaid Premium Costume S

Item #: 15981 S

Sexy Chambermaid Premium Costume S

Short and sexy chambermaid or waitress costumes like our Sexy Chambermaid Premium Costume have a long tradition as Halloween and carnival costumes. The Sexy Chambermaid Premium Costume has a black velvety top with white ribbons and white lace trims. The domestic worker's layered skirt has lots of lace frills. A lace choker and a matching hairband are also included in delivery. Have a look at more hot costumes like the or the in our online store!

Size S is German size 34

Material: 100% polyester

Costumes from the Premium Collection are first-class workmanship. Fabrics are of better quality and heavier than the fabrics usually used for fancy dress costumes. Fabrics like velvet, artificial silk, chiffon, brocade, tricot and lace are used to make these costumes. Often they are richly decorated with embroideries or trimmings. Most costumes also have proper zip-up and button closures.