Saucy Bellhop Premium Costume S

Item #: 16004 S

Saucy Bellhop Premium Costume Size S

When this cute and very saucy bellhop offers to drag the heavy suitcases up the stairs, all male hotel guests can't help themselves and end up carrying their luggage themselves. Of course not before havin her tipped really well for her help. The cheeky dark red dress with the extra short miniskirt and the black petticoat has a long-sleeved bolero jacket with golden buttons attached. The black wrist cuffs have rich gold trimmings and two gold-coloured buttons, too. The classic bellhop cap is also included. After work you can meet your friends, the Sexy Chambermaid Premium Costume S and the Sexy Oktoberfest Girl Costume S from the hotel restaurant!

Size S

Material: 100% polyester

Costumes from the Premium Collection are first-class workmanship. Fabrics are of better quality and heavier than the fabrics usually used for fancy dress costumes. Fabrics like velvet, artificial silk, chiffon, brocade, tricot and lace are used to make these costumes. Often they are richly decorated with embroideries or trimmings. Most costumes have proper zip-up and and button closures, too.