Venetian Cat Mask copper

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Venetian Cat Mask copper

Miezianische Masquerade

The Leopard does not chicks, with a copper mask that delivers what it promises.With the cat mask on your face, you get a different view.Whether to theme parties or carnival, Venice mask you wear everywhere.The ladies mask with glitter and copper slip, should be present at every cat outfit.

The Venetian cat mask made of light-cured foam is individually secured with black bands.Copper-colored structures that are partly occupied with a lot of glitter, gives the half mask an exceptional look.Since no breathing holes are provided in the nose region, they may be reworked if needed.Fine, black glitter element completes the Venetian cat mask.For color change makes the Venetian Cat Mask gold and the Venetian Cat Mask silver .

Product Information:

  • Material: hardened foam
  • Color: black-copper
  • Size: approx. 16 x 16 cm