Feather mask venetian black / silver

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Feather mask venetian black / silver

Mysterious Masquerade with the enchanting eye mask

Noble ladies and charming gentlemen together in the dance art of bygone times, while Baroque musicians playing on the harpsichord.With the feather mask you're the mysterious beauty that makes new acquaintances Panel on historical events and captured the happiness.

The silver-black feather mask is an eye mask for women and is characterized by a soft processing, and thus with a high wearing comfort.The face mask in the Venetian style seduces with meticulous attention to detail and is notable for its beautiful design.Costumes suchB.the Evil Queen Costume Deluxe and the Midnight Masquerade Costume S be completed perfectly with the feather mask.Also the Madame de Sade Costume Deluxe with the Fan made lace black is hardly surpassed in combination with the Venetiamaske of elegance.

Product Information:

  • Material: hardened foam
  • Color: black / silver
  • Size: approx. 16 x 8 cm
  • very comfortable to wear