Scarecrow Mask Deluxe

Item #: 20389

Scarecrow Mask Deluxe

You become a corrupt and sadistic psychiatrist

Dr.Jonathan Crane is a psychiatrist performs experiments on prisoners under the identity Scarecrow.Previously he worked as a professor at a university, when it came, the Scarecrow with chemicals to students experimented, he was released.Crane has to smuggle with Ra's Al Ghul allied to his hallucinogens Chemikallien to Gotham and to make poison gas therefrom.

The full head latex mask is in Juteoptik and has scars sewn on.The Scarecrow mask has holes for the eyes.The mouth area is completely closed.The Batman theme party would only be half as good without these scarecrows mask.The Scarecrow Mask with Hat is also an excellent panel for your Halloween party.

  • Scope of delivery: a Scarecrow Mask Deluxe
  • Material: Latex
  • Color: gray / brown