Zombie Pirates Latex Mask

Item #: 18139

Zombie pirate mask Latex

With the zombie pirate mask you teach yourself pirates that fear

Cheap Zombie pirate mask made of latex that can convince despite its low price, with a good fit and a great look.The zombie pirate mask of a wounded zombie skull with eyepatch and Piercing is a 3/4 mask and is held at the back by a rubber band ,

One eye with the eye patch can be even provided the bullet if necessary with a slit, otherwise the zombie pirates to use mask with only one eye.The tapping tere lowing Zombie pirate mask is made of soft latex and should use before 1-2 days in the fresh air vent.Ideal to have matching and super cool costumes Daring Pirate Costume XL . 3D Zombie Pirate Costume . Caribbean Pirate Costume and Bishop's Crosier Top Part ,

Material: Latex