Witch Mask with Hair

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Witch Mask with Hair

A creepy latex mask for spooky witch outfits!

The Witch Mask with Hair is not just an ordinary latex mask, but features long black synthetic hair. Match it with a cool witch costume and this witch mask will look extra scary. The perfect mask for a creepy Haloween witch! This maskwith hair  might not exactly turn you into a sexy witch, but a cool horro outfit is ten times more fun than a girly fancy dress.

With our Witch Mask you can add the finishing touch to your witch costume, 'cause just the Halloween Costume L doesn't make a scary witch. The mask has a white and grey complexion which look slightly rotten. The enormous nose with the big wart, the big chin and lots of wrinkles make it more than obvious that this witch is not a beauty. The witch mask rather looks like a demon who hasn't eaten in a while (hence the shiny white teeth). The long black hair make this mask look mega creepy. The Witch Mask with Hair comes with elastic already fitted for convenience which is hidden under the synthetic hair. Now all you need is a Witches broom with bamboo style and our cauldron medium and ready you are to rock Walpurgis Night!


Additional information on the witch mask:

- white face
- long black hair
- elastic band
- material: latex and synthetic hair