Werewolf Demon Skull Mask

Item #: 14004

Werewolf Demon Skull Mask

Super creepy mask of a skull werewolf!

This evil werewolf demon skull mask transforms you in no time in a horrid creature that transforms at each full moon and hunting makes on innocent people.The hairless skull is split, cracked and bumps with the huge fangs a shiver down the spine.

This werewolf mask is made of soft latex and stretches to the upper back of the head.Among them is kept with an attached rubber band that you fine on a Predator Bottle hide into.Openings for eyes, nose and mouth you facilitate breathing, seeing and speaking.For creepy glances a black mesh is stretched over the eyes, through which you can not recognize you right, but you can still look good.

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Information on the werewolf demon Skull Mask:

  • Size: One Size Adult
  • extends to the back of the head
  • Stop by attached rubber band
  • Holes at the nose and mouth
  • Power to the eyes
  • Material: Latex