Warts sorcerer mask

Item #: 22497

Warts sorcerer mask

Creepy Wizards & Magicians mask for Halloween

Disguise yourself with our Halloween Horror masks like the warts sorcerer mask and thus perfected your costume.The lovingly and in detail exactly crafted latex masks you transform rapidly into the character of your choice.The we offer Halloween Horror Masks are considered realistic and fantastic and are manufactured by known mask manufacturers, with a lot of manual work.The beautiful masks much of latex and often have details like faux fur, hair, bright eyes and realistic-looking teeth.

Many of the Halloween Horror Masks can the slits or the recessed eye area, zoom with a nail scissors, so you can adjust the mask to your individual requirements.After wearing the warts sorcerer mask and all Halloween Horror Masks we recommend your latex mask to cleanse you gently and protect against sunlight, so you have with your Halloween Horror Masks long fun and joy.

1 x warts sorcerer mask

  • Color: Beige / Brown
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: Latex & Synthetic Hair
  • Super creepy mask Witcher
  • designed Extremely detailed