Snow White Witch Mask

Item #: 19094

Snow White Witch Mask

What is the evil Snow White Witch up to? Does she really want to harm the pretty girl?

The nasty Snow White Witch is supposed to kill Snow White on the evil queen's orders and trust me, she's doing what she can. The malicious Snow White Witch looks like a witch from a comic book. Big brown warts, deep wrinkles and blood-shot eyes full of hate mark the features of the old woman. Just like the witch in the Disney story this witch mask features a long witch nose and rotten teeth.

The Snow White Witch Mask has holes on eyes, nose and mouth. It features streaky white hair and an attached black hood. An absolutely great Snow White Witch Mask made of high quality latex! Match our comic witch mask with witch accessories like the Witches broom with bamboo style and the Ring With Amethyst Violet Jewel !

  • Material Mask: Latex
  • Material Hood: 100% Polyester