Sloopy Clown Mask

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Sloopy Clown Mask

Turn yourself into an erratic horror entertainer!

Sloopy is not an employee at the circus, he is afree-lance entertainer. At night, he roams the dark streets and alleyways and strikes terror into people's hearts. Especially on the night of Halloween he can do his unholy deeds without attracting any attention. When he mixes with the crowd of Halloween monsters, nobody notices the bloody trace he leaves behind.

The Sloopy Clown Mask is a full mask made of latex. The clown's extremely broad smile and the horribly long and pointed teeth make this mask a creepy eye-catcher. The blood red lips and rotten teeth and the insane, slightly squinting eyes make this demonic creature look extremly crazy and bloodthirsty. The features of this clown might be colourful, but his dark and sinister intentions are more than obvious. Above the eyes and between the teeth are holes for seeing and breathing. They can be enlarged according to your requirements. With the Sloopy Clown Mask, the Gummo Clown Mask and the Spider Clown Mask you and your friends can roam the streets on Halloween. 

Additional information:

  • Full mask made of soft, flexible latex
  • Impressive horror clown mask
  • Size: adult