Silicone Mask Demon Belial
Silicone Mask Demon Belial Silicone Mask Demon Belial Silicone Mask Demon Belial Video

Silicone Mask Demon Belial

Item #: 19500

Silicone Mask Demon Belial

Turn yourself into one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell with this absolutely lifelike movie quality silicone mask!

Silicone masks are mainly used for tv and film productions. These amazing special masks are extremely comfortable to wear and offer maximum liberty of action. During the complex manufacturing process a special tissue is worked into the material so the mask is made thinner and more tear-resistant  at the same time. This method was used to make the Belial the Demon mask. The extremely detailed sculpt of this full head mask is just amazing. The demon mask is elaborately painted by hand and covered in reptilian scales, features spines on cheeks, eyes and ears and massive demon horns. The mask is very comfortable to wear and moves with your facial expressions. This mask fits like a second skin so even seeing with the mask on is comfortable and easy. 

This demon silicone mask feels just like real skin. The maximum comfort, tear-resistance, elaborate painting and theabsolutely realistic look of the mask when moving with your face make this Halloween mask a highlight in any mask collection. The demon Belial mask is a full head mask that covers the entire head and neck with the clavicles.  The mask comes with a special polyurethane bust so it can be stored appropriately. Check out more fantastic silicone masks such as the Silicone mask Freddy and the Silicone mask Goblin Red in our online store!

  • material: silicone
  • fully visible facial expressions
  • comfortable fit
  • perfectly tight fit
  • polyurethane head for storage included

Please note: All silicone masks are unique copies and objects of art. They cannot be returned or exchanged!