Plague Mutant Mask

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Plague Mutant Mask

Nobody knew about the dangerous experiments which took place in the pharmazeutical business company near the little village. In secret underound laboratories they experimented with genetically altered viruses. A stuff member tried to make the forbidden tests public and give a small bottle of the deadly concoction to the press but the man was shot in front of running cameras and the glass bottle broke in his hands. The virus immediately spread in his body and caused accelerated cell growth. The poor guy didn't die of his injuries, but his good looks were irrecoverable.

This super Halloween mask is made with so mauch attention to detail. Teeth, synthetic hair and painting, all was extra carefully done. The Plague Mutant Mask is a full head latex mask that covers part of the chest, too. Check out our other mutants like the Morph Melting Man or the FKN Soldier Mask.

Material: latex and synthetic hair