Parasite Zombie Mask

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Parasite Zombie Mask

The only thing alive in this monster are the parasites

This nasty fellwo suffers from a severe parasitic infection. It looks as if the parasites were gnawing off the last bit of flesh left on his bones. The bad thing when being an undead is that you do realize that your body decays a little more every day, that you are actually eaten alive by worms and maggots.

Lots of fantastic details make the Parasite Zombie Mask an absolutely extraordinary zombie mask. The rotting, undead features are covered with woms and maggots that crawl in and out of the decaying skin. Even the poor creature's mouth with the crooked teeth is full of them.The purulent yellow eyes make the undead monster look really scary. The mask features eye slits above the eyes so seeing is no problem. The Pus Zombie Mask is another one of our exremely revolting masks.

  • Includes: 1 x mask
  • Material: latex
  • Colour: grey/brown