Minotaur Mask

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Minotaur Mask

A creepy deluxe Minotaur Mask for spooky Halloween costumes!

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull. He dwelled at the centre of the Cretan labyrinth where he ewas put so he would not harm anyone. The Minotaur ate humans and it is said that every year a virgin had to be sent to him as a feast. But as you can imagine, one girl per year was not exactly a lot to eat for a big creature like him. And so the Minotaur wasn't at all happy with the situation as you can clearly see from the facial expression of this high quality latex mask.

The big black horns of the Minotaur Mask look really threatening. The bared teeth, red nostrils and the fiery yellow eyes intensify the grim expression of this mask. The flattened ears, the face and the metal plate on the forehead are made with lots of attention to detail. On the inside the animal mask is padded with thick foam rubber so it won't come off your head despite its huge size. The Minotaur Mask is a full head mask that features long brown faux fur which covers the chest area. It can be matched with lots of different costumes such as theMonster Fur Pants Brown and the Monster Hands Deluxe Brown . The Minotaur Mask and this unique outfit will turn you into a Halloween legend.

Size: universal (adult)
Material: high-quality latex