Eber mask

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Eber mask

Let the mask boar times really whoop it up!

This witty Boar Latex Mask you'll pig sly.Dress up with these pigs Latex Mask for Halloween and carnival as a male pig or a perverted pig.Babe: Pig, Miss Piggy would certainly turn their greatest joy.You can login disguise masks as a whole group of pigs in space but also with several colleagues and our other pigs.

The original mask Boar of the Boar and pig has right Hauer in the jaw.In addition, the full head mask has ears forward hanging pigs.In our assortment you will find a vielzal different animal masks from the fairy tales and legends, such as the Hahn Latex Mask , the Frog Latex Mask , the White rabbit mask and many more.

  • Delivery: 1x boar mask
  • Color: Skin color
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: 100% Latex