Butcher Mask with Hat

Item #: 18314

Butcher Mask with Hat

Cheap horror mask of a serial killer

The butcher mask with hat is the perfect Halloween mask for performing as a stalker, serial killer or nasty bank robber.With the bloody horror mask of the villain one is quickly masked without the big expense for extensive makeup must be operated.

The butcher mask with cap is a latex half mask and is held on the back with a rubber band and sewn black woolen hat.One of the two eyes of horror mask is concealed by a black net.By Black Eye network you can see, with reinforced stitching the eye in secret still.The eyes can be cut larger with a small nail scissors to butcher mask the jeweilgen face shape adapt.The butcher mask with hat is a super cheap way to mask yourself for Halloween and scare your fellow man.The whole series Kille outfit yet with a Killer Mechanic Costume and the matching murder weapon as a Killer Machete Silver equip and you're the terror of the night.

  • Material: latex and cap made of 100% polyester