Bloodthirsty Berserker Mask

Item #: 17600

Bloodthirsty Berserker Mask

Impressive Vampire & Zombie Mask with Hair

Bloodthirsty Berserker Mask shows the face of a horrific Berserker, who comes from the Scandinavian territories and ruthless fight against anyone who stands in his way.He feels no pain and enjoys it to bite his victims and to provide as part of their triumph bloodied body on display.Bloodthirsty Berserker mask is scary and seems very realistic through the exact details.

The bloody mask is made of latex and black synthetic hair was not saved.If you look closely in the bloodshot eyes, you get the feeling that survived the horror mask.To make your Halloween costume with the bloodthirsty berserker mask completely, you still need a gruesome horror as our weapon Stone Age Suggestion as well as some Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml ,

Package included: 1 x Bloodthirsty Berserker Mask

  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: latex and synthetic hair