Old Hannibal Lecter Foam Latex Mask

Item #: 15408

Old Hannibal Lecter Foam Latex Mask

Hannibal mask the dreaded cannibals

The now aged Hannibal Lecter is an intelligent serial killer.In addition, he has an extra finger on his left hand, which he can later remove surgically.Hannibal is one of the most feared cannibals modern times and in several books and films to cult.

The ingenious Old Hannibal lecter foam latex mask of aging serial killer with a very good fit is made of breathable foam latex.The Old Hannibal Lecter mask of Grey land is painted by hand and is very comfortable to wear.The last of his meal, even blood-smeared face of Hannibal Lecter shows largely mimic the wearer.

  • Material: Foam Latex
  • Size: Full head