Hillbilly cannibals mask

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Hillbilly cannibals mask

absolute Einzeilstück for collectors and enthusiasts, the hillbilly cannibals mask

In horror movies keep coming back Hillbilly ago which then eat their innocent victims, such as the hillbilly cannibals mask.This psychopath mask you teach the guests at any Halloween party the fear.

Thinning hair decorates the hillbilly cannibals mask and otherwise is the hand-painted Foam Latex Mask designed highly detailed.Dark Splash act like old dried-up blood decorate the somber face of Horror Mask e ,The ingenious hillbilly Cannibal mask was modeled by professional makeup artist in the film industry.On a Elasthanmaske the foam latex was applied provides the tensile strength, thus a part of the expression is transmitted.Even more unique masks like the Bloody Sadist Mask and the Dark Phantom Mask you'll find in our wide product range.The mask is made relatively small, thus a severe fit is ensured and the mask made of foam latex is more suitable for smaller heads.
Matrial: spandex, latex foam

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