Gravediggers mask

Item #: 17744

Gravediggers mask

Realistic facial mask an undertaker for Halloween & Horror fans

The Totengräber foam latex mask of the undertaker is super realistic and worked up in detail on the finest wrinkles.The gravediggers foam latex mask fits perfectly to your face.In the cemetery caretaker mask made of foam latex even a part of your facial expression remains what makes it look very realistic, the Greyland Maske.

The undertaker mask is hangefertigt and offers maximum comfort and the breathability properties you sweat not so easy under the funeral mask made of foam latex.The ingenious fit the gravediggers foam latex mask finds its place in the theater and film industry.Combine the undertaker realistic facial mask Halloween paper cups with surgeons Scene or Dr. Darkness Reaper Costume and your appearance for the next Halloween, carnival or fancy dress party is perfect.

  • Delivery: 1x mask Totengräber
  • Colour: Skin color
  • Size: Full head size
  • Material: 100% foam latex