Funny Joker mask

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Funny Joker mask

The funny Joker mask fun guaranteed!

With the Funny Joker mask you take on the role of the medieval Hofnarrs, a strikingly dressed jesters that provides amusement.The puppet mask makes you a youthful, fun-making clown, which each Halloween, Carnival and Carnival party makes an amusing evening.

The Jolly Joker mask is made of breathable foam latex and provides a nice painting and funny dunce cap, as we know from the famous jugglers Till Eulenspiegel.The court jester mask to be worn by their soft material very comfortable to the touch.In addition to the Jolly Joker mask, check out our Horror Shop still plenty of Halloween and carnival costumes, which allow you to combine the clown mask such.B.the Jester Clown Costume Black / Red and Smily the Clown Costume ,

1 x Funny Joker mask

  • Colour: Skin color / Red / Yellow / Black
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: foam latex