Bloody Sadist Mask

Item #: 18243

Bloody Sadist Mask

Rare and unique masks like the bloody sadist mask are all the rage for excellent horror parties

What could be more terrible than a nasty psychopath is spattered with blood, as the Bloody Sadist Mask.Horror Masks have always been a hit for Halloween and horror parties.The Bloody Sadist Mask is an absolute hightlight, the here foam latex was applied to a spandex mask ,

By combining foam latex, which transmits the facial expressions and elastane which a tear prevents the Halloween mask is extremely robust.The Bloody Sadist Mask is a masterpiece of the artist Kun t and the painting by hand is unique.Horror Masks like these are also used in the film industry.Many other forms of professional quality as the Reptiles demon mask and the Karl the Butcher you'll find in our product range.The mask falls from relatively small and is very close to the head, not suitable for children! The Bloody Sadist Mask is excluded due to the particular processing and as unique from the return!
Matrial: spandex, latex foam