Creepy Doll Face Mask White

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Creepy Doll Face Mask White

The innocent witness of a crime....

This doll has witnessed a horrifying crime. Although dolls can't speak, the villains had its mouth riveted so it would not be able to tell what it saw. But the eyes are said to be mirror of the soul and so the doll's eyes reflect the awful truth and the horrible incident starts to surface. Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be fatal, but maybe you will be the one to disclose the poor doll's secret and free its spirit.

The Creepy Doll Face Mask White is easy to put on. The wig is attached to a net so it will fit properly and the mask comes with an elastic already fitted for convenience. Foam padding on the inside guarantees comfortable fit even when you wear the mask over a longer period of time. The long black mane completely covers the back of your head and thanks to the mirror eyes nobody will be able to recognize your eyes behind the mask while you can see without any problems. Nobody will know it's you behind this scary mask!

Additional information:

  • Includes: Creepy Doll Face Mask White
  • White mask with metallic details and mirror eyes