Bird Man Mask

Item #: 21491

Bird Man Mask

This mask turns you into a crossbreed between a bird and a human

On Easter Island a birdman cult  which included an annual competition was practised until the 1860s. The ancient Egyptian deity Horus was depicted as a falcon-headed man. Even in Thai and Japanese culture we find man bird chimeras. With our Bird Man Mask, you too can turn yourself into a semi-deity.

The Bird Man Mask is an adult size latex half mask with a black fabric hood. It features a long. beak-shaped nose that looks a little like the Venetian plague doctor masks. A pair of extremely bulgy eyes and a long black moustache make this mask a great eye-catcher. The mask does not cover the mouth area. To guarantee perfect fit the black hood comes with an elastic already fitted for convenience. The Unicorn mask with hair , the Ancient Dragon Mask White and the Werewolf Mask are impressive fairy-tale creature masks, too.

  • Includes: one Bird Man Mask
  • Colour: black, skin-coloured
  • Material: latex, synthetic hair, cloth