Animal mask monkey

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Animal mask monkey

The Monkey's Mask you are the strongest at the party

Now come the monkeys from the people or the people from apes? In any case, we have much in common with the primates.It starts with the look, hands, feet, and behavior are very similar to that of humans.With our monkey animal mask, you're on every carnival and Mardi Gras Party of the ape-man par excellence and find a safe way to copulate with many females.

The primate mask modeled after the chimpanzee.The mask in monkey form, has two eyes and nostrils and a slot in the mouth.The monkey mask is simply hgesetzt on the head and through the rubber keeps the monkey animal mask firmly on the head.If you like Monkey's Mask, what do you say dan you only the Animal mask frog and the Animal cat mask ?

Scope of delivery: an animal mask monkey
Material: 100% Polyester
Color: brown / black.