Shrill Zopfperücke purple-blue

Item #: 8801462

Shrill Zopfperücke purple-blue

The braids Many are not blue and purple

The fans always pull for the show's Blue Girls Troop in blue clothes, some even dye their skin blue.You do not want to go that far and leave it at that, to bear the shrill Zopfperücke in blue and purple, which arrives with the other super fans.

The shrill Zopfperücke purple-blue has two braids that have the down gradient from blue to purple.The top of the wig is completely blue.The braids reach down to about chest height.The ombre wig, we have also in the variations Shrill Zopfperücke pink-orange , Shrill Zopfperücke pink-purple and Shrill Zopfperücke green-blue .Matching flash accessories are the Neon purple striped tights , A Blinking Death Head Blue and the Glitter blue fingernails .

  • Material : Synthetic Hair
  • Color : Purple, Blue